About project

The Little financial academy with Kozmix is a unique project giving the teacher all the materials necessary to teach the topic of Financial literacy at Stage 1 primary schools. The project links activities at school and at home with a creative game and interactive exercises. It is a sample of innovative teaching that is both motivating and fun.

Methodological guide

Experiential learning

The methodological guide is a source of inspiration for all teachers at Stage 1 primary schools. It contains more than 50 guides on activities developing the financial literacy. It is derived from the current National standard of financial literacy document, version 1.1.

Interactive exercises

In the classroom but also at home

Students can apply their knowledge in interactive exercises. And not just that, we also emphasized the development of additional skills, for instance reading comprehension.

Creative game

Team Collaboration

Our town is a creative board game in which the students build the city of their dreams. It guides the students towards team collaboration, develops their creativity and applying financial literacy in real life. But most importantly: children enjoy it.

Kozmix on a visit

Activities for the whole family

Material for the student and their family. Contains tasks relevant to the topics of the educational activities at school.