Creative game Our town

[image illustration Our town game]

Imagine you are a child 9-10 years of age, a student whose world is primarily the school. One day you come to face a great challenge: the opportunity to build a town based on your fantasy. This is a mighty goal. Invite your classmates, friends and colleagues inside your world.

You find yourselves answering the important questions together: Which buildings to construct? What will they look like and what about their surroundings? What will the town be called? Work together to decide how to invest your hard-earned resources to create a beautiful haven for its citizens.

An opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of imagination and creativity, the world of resource gathering, the need for team collaboration and an opportunity to build a new habitat can all be found within the "Our town" educational game.

Game Guide

[descriptive image 1. phase of the game: Raising money]
[descriptive image 2. phase of the game: Designing buildings]
[descriptive image 3. phase of the game: Designing of town districts]
[descriptive image 4. phase of the game: Designing of the town center]
[descriptive image 5. phase of the game: Presentation]